It’s much more than fighting fires…it’s rescues, natural disasters and major accidents. Children not breathing and people in crisis clinging to life. We have your back when you need to come home from facing the challenges of making everyone else’s life safer. Just as we rely on the patience and training of a 911 operator, or the skills and bravery of firefighters, paramedics or EMTs like you to run toward the crisis, you can rely on us to give back to you and your family when you need a place to call home.

On the job, you serve others. Now it's our turn to serve you.

Let us assist you by making the home buying, selling or refinancing process a breeze, and save you money in the process!

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How Much can You save when selling your home?

You must be enrolled with Community Heroes Homes and represented at closing by a Community Heroes Homes affiliate to be eligible for home price savings. When selling, you must purchase a new home to qualify for all discounts. If you're selling a home you do not qualify for additional discounts when buying a home.

Home Price :

How You save with Hero Benefits

Join the Community

Contact us today and become part of the Community Heroes Home community with thousands of other firefighters and EMS professionals! We will automatically connect you with our local specialists. They will contact you within 24 hours, answer your specific real estate and/or mortgage questions, and provide helpful tips. There’s no obligation, so you’re not committed to anything. We simply know our local specialists will provide you with valuable insight and experience.

Work with Our Local Specialists

They are an asset to have on your team. They know your community, current market trends and how to work within them. They will be a supportive partner who is in your corner to coach you through the process. Our specialists will look for strategic ways to streamline the process and maximize your savings. At this stage, some important milestones may include loan pre-approval, a market analysis, identifying your ideal home, conducting a home search, determining and/or negotiating an offer, and completing an official home inspection. This is what we do for our heroes and we do it well.

Finalize the Deal

This is the big day where everything comes together! It’s when all parties (agents, loan officers, title companies, buyers, sellers, etc) will meet to sign the appropriate paperwork and make everything official. Your Community Heroes Home specialist(s) will make sure you’re ready and your close goes smoothly.

Our Way to Thank You

One of the benefits of working with Community Heroes Home is our Hero Rewards savings. On average, firefighters and EMS professionals save over $2,500 – $12000.00 and more when they buy or sell a home with us. Hero Benefits savings is our way to give back and thank you for your service. When you work with our local real estate agent specialist to purchase a home, Community Heroes Homes will rebate you a Hero Benefit check after you close on your home. When you sell a house with us, we provide a credit at closing. When you sign a new mortgage or refinance, you receive reduced lending fees. In addition, affiliate title companies and home inspectors provide discounts on their services.

We Guarantee The Most Hero Savings
Among All Hero Programs

Our professional team will not only give you the best service in the industry, we’ll also save all first responders an extraordinary amount of money, after all, you provide our country and community with extraordinary services every day.

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